About Us

CraftKits started in 1985 to provide inexpensive, quality craft items for kids interested in American Indian lore. It has evolved from offering only 12 kits to now offering over 100 different kits, books, music, and items of regalia such as warbonnets, breastplates, drums, shields, and suede vests.

It was a Mom and Pop operation in 1985, and it still is today.

At CraftKits, we believe that the history as well as today’s Native American┬áculture is worth studying, and that crafts offer children the opportunity to be creative and feel accomplished as they learn.

We take pride in our products and pride in our service as well. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, period.

May the great spirit watch over you as long as the rivers flow, the grass grows, and the wind blows.

–Steve and Laurie

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